Business Partnerships with your community

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Support your Back and your Community

Make doing both fun again!

Here’s how it works.

You provide Partnership Fundraising with the display area, which could be a rented meeting space, church or organization. We provide all the display items that you would expect to find in a mattress or furniture store, including today’s most popular mattress brands, adjustable bases and pillows. Together we will select a date that will work best for your community or organization and we will make sure it does not conflict with other Partnership Fundraising events in your area.

  • We do all the setting up and tear-down, delivering back a clean area.
  • We also provide experienced sales consultants to help in the selection process.
  • We will work with you to broadcast your event primarily through your organizations networking on social media and personal contacts.

How and why does it all work?

Partnership Fundraising partners have over a combined 75 years of experience in the design, manufacturing, marketing and sales of mattresses and sleep accessories. We have teamed up to provide our neighbors, associates and friends an avenue to support fund raising for their families schools, sports teams, band, and club programs.

Here area few examples of community organizations that benefit from having events:

  • Service Organizations such as Police, Fire, and Rescue
  • Civic and Charitable Clubs and Organizations.
  • Churches or Religious Organizations.
  • Athletic Clubs.
  • Masonic Lodges.
  • Animal Rescue Leagues.
  • Non-Profits.
  • Girl and Boy Scout Troops.

What makes Partnership Fundraising different?

  • Many consumers feel that mattress shopping can be confusing and intimidating.
  • Mattress Fundraising makes the selection process simple and informative.
  • Our staff of industry veterans has carefully selected the very best mattresses from each category; innerspring, hybrid and foam at the very best values. We offer a selection of comfort and firmness at the most popular value price levels.

Our belief is to KISS. (Keep it Short & Simple)

  • Have enough to meet your need but not so much to make it confusing.
  • Our commitment is to simplify the process and let you make the decision.
  • No high-pressure sales as our seasoned professionals are there to answer your questions.

What happens before and after the fundraising event?

Partnership Fundraising provides for your attendees easy methods of payment and delivery. You will get an initial report on what proceeds were accrued for your organization the day following the event. Once all the deliveries are completed, usually 10 to 14 days, a final accounting will be submitted and a check will be issued to your community or organization.

The secret to our success is teamwork.

  • We have the goods and knowledge on how best to deliver a good nights sleep.
  • You have the place for us to display the goods and help get the word out to all those in your network.
  • We make your organization a part of our team.
  • You help us with what we need; we help you fund your needs.
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